Why You Need Drug Testing After Your Employees’ Vacation

Some people use vacations to explore new places or reconnect with family. Others have a different purpose when they take a break from work. They may take vacation as an excuse to overindulge in alcohol or use illegal drugs.

Unfortunately, some of these people are still affected by these substances when they return to work. That’s why random drug testing after a vacation can be an excellent idea.

Drug Testing After Vacation Days

Everyone — including your employees — needs time to relax and unwind. Vacations are ideal for this, but some people take the idea too far. Maybe they work for an organization that conducts drug testing regularly and has a strict no drugs policy. If they are going to be away from the workplace for a few days or a week, they may see it as an opportunity to indulge in bad habits that they wouldn’t practice when they know they’re going to be at work every day.

Drug Testing Reveals Illicit Substances Days After IngestionSpring Break

Drug testing can pick up traces of cocaine in a person’s system even two to four days after use. The same numbers are true for a person who uses marijuana. Heroin usually leaves the system a bit more quickly, but drug testing can still reveal use two days after the fact. While alcohol normally can’t be detected by standard drug testing days after drinking, it is possible that an employee stayed up very late on the last night of their vacation “tying one on.” This can make them unfit for work the next morning — and alcohol testing can detect this.

Random or Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Most employers use random drug testing for workers returning from vacation. This means that employees can’t predict whether or not they will be tested, and this can deter them from indulging while they are away. Alternatively, some companies use a reasonable suspicion basis for post-vacation drug testing. Reasonable suspicion testing is conducted when a worker shows observable symptoms of intoxication or incapacity.

Secure Sobriety After Spring Break

Regardless of what testing methodology you want to use, Test Smartly Labs can serve as your drug and alcohol testing partner. We are seasoned in all types of drug testing and some locations even offer on-site and mobile collections for your convenience.

To get started on testing your workforce after spring break, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!

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