Walk the Walk: Make Walking Meetings a Part of Your Day

Check your calendar. How many business meetings do you have scheduled for the week?

Most people have regular business meetings, whether large, small, formal or casual. We need to have business meetings in order for our business to operate smoothly.

Business meetings are the platform for coworkers to express ideas and share information. Since these two processes are critical to business innovation and problem solving, we must make sure all meetings are productive and efficient.

Sometimes the dull pattern of a meeting can stunt innovation and keep people from sharing.

We may not have the most successful communication at conventional business meetings. Changing up the regular meeting routine can bring life and energy back to your meetings. A walking meeting is one way to refresh the spirit at work.

Integrating walking meetings

Walking meetings can become a seamless part of the wellness program at your organization. Incorporating scheduled walking meetings demonstrates your focus on health and wellness.

walking meeting business people

Walking Meetings Solidify Corporate Values, Culture and Vision

Regular office meetings are mundane. Staff members have a general idea of how a meeting will progress. Every office has a habits and practices that run through their meetings. Walking meetings are personal, unexpected and more interactive. This means that you will be able to articulate the organization’s goals and objectives in a better way.

Walking Meetings Aid Your Wellness Program

No matter what your wellness program includes, incorporating walking meetings reinforces it’s mission. Encouraging your employees to be active while at work will show them that your wellness program is an important part of the company culture.

Walking Meetings Demonstrate Compassion and Empathy

When you lead walking meetings, you’re making a personal connection with coworkers. This is a great opportunity to get to know the people you work with every day. Walking meetings help you bond with your coworkers in a new way.

Walking Meetings Change Your Perspective

Talking about organizational structure and future plans while briskly walking through a nearby park can feel very different than talking stats in a cold board room. Changing your location can help you change your perspective. Think more freely, be inspired by nature, and leave behind the distractions of the office.

Hosting walking meetings is just one way to build your corporate wellness program. To learn about wellness programs that integrate health screening for your employees, contact Test Smartly Labs.

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