Tips for Having Alcohol-Free Work Parties

It’s the holiday season and every workplace will be having their own soiree. There has been some controversy over alcohol and the workplace, is it rewarding or a slippery slope? Is it okay to have it at a party? Is it worth the risk? Things can get awkward when people drink with people you see every day but wouldn’t choose to hang out with on your own time.

Non-Alcoholic Party

The first step is to make sure every employee understands that the party will be an alcohol-free zone.

Serve Alternatives

Mocktails may not loosen up your party-goers, but that’s good. Making non-alcoholic, yet festive, drinks will lift everyone’s spirit and be yummy to boot!

On the other hand, you could keep it simple by supplying sodas, water, hot chocolate, and coffee. This will make the vibe more casual and you can save a bit of money because even non-alcoholic drinks aren’t cheap.

Plan Games and Activities

If your party welcomes kids, set up a plan for games and activities that both young and old can enjoy together. Simple lawn games can be adapted for indoors (unless the weather is great where you are and you can hang outside), small holiday crafts like coloring pages or making ornaments, and games or raffles with prizes.

Not only is this a great way for everyone to interact, team building(!), and have fun, it’s a great way to forget about alcohol.

Go All Out

Elaborate decorations don’t have to be expensive. A load of bulk holiday decorations can quickly turn a rented conference center space into a winter wonderland. Create a festive tradition that everyone takes home like winter-themed leis, glow sticks or party hats. Make sure your music playlist is fun and not too Christmas-centric so people can dance too.

Don’t forget to serve a variety of yummy dishes and desserts for your guests!

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