Take a Chill Pill: Low Stress Leadership

happy stress free managerAll types of business can be stressful. Leading an organization or a team can be particularly stressful. How many frazzled managers and entrepreneurs do you know?

Don’t be like the scattered and strained business men and women you see walking down the street.

Lead by example.

If you model a low-stress work life, your team will reflect that attitude as well.

The Big Picture: Stress-Free Leading

Don’t dwell on the details

Focus on the bigger picture to stay stress-free. Empower your team to perfect the details, while you manage the broader organizational issues. When you trust everyone to complete their jobs, you’re freeing yourself of the tiny details and giving yourself room to breathe.

Hire the right people and help them be the best

Leaders have a tendency to put the responsibility of the entire team on their shoulders. Don’t rest the burden solely on yourself.  When you take the effort required to hire great people and enable them to succeed, you free yourself of so much stress. Let them have responsibility and encourage them to handle the challenges they face. Leaders can succeed when they help everyone on their team grow.

Get to know the people you work with

Your co-workers don’t have to be your best friends, but forming personal relationships with your co-workers might be just what you need. When you connect with the people you see every day, you will notice less tension and you’ll enjoy your work more. You’ll be seen as more approachable.

Daily Stress-Reducing Tips

  • Bounce on a yoga ball- We know that sitting on a yoga ball at your desk will improve stability, but bouncing for 15 minutes a day can increase alertness and decrease anxiety.

  • Focus on a quote- Pick a quote or phrase that is meaningful to you. Post this somewhere you’ll see it often and let it motivate you.

  • Post photos- Bring a few favorite photos of your family, friends or a favorite vacation spot. Spread them around your office so you feel at home and at ease even in stressful situations.

Keeping stress low at work is a central part of productivity and success. Remember that stress is a substantial contributing factor to alcohol and drug use. If you’re worried about the prevalence of alcohol use at your workplace, trust Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City to collect samples.

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