Gift Giving at the Office: Holiday Gift Ideas

Are your coworkers on your holiday gift list? Every workplace is different — some host gift exchanges, others only have corporate gifts, while some employees tend to share gifts with each other on their own.

No matter where you work, you can agree that you spend a good amount of time with coworkers. You get to know someone quite well when you spend about 40 hours with them every week. You’ve probably formed friendships with a few of your closest coworkers. It’s only natural to share gifts with the people you spend time with.

Maybe you’ve decided to give gifts to your coworkers or you need to choose a corporate gift for your team or employees. If you’re looking for the perfect corporate holiday gift, we’ll share a few ideas.

Holiday Gift ideas for the Workplace

1.Reading Material

Many coworkers enjoy reading. Whether they prefer newspapers, magazines or books, you can find something for anyone.

Do you admire any authors? Pick a new book from your favorite author. Books related to your industry make excellent gifts. Humor or educational reading material might be appropriate for certain coworkers, too. Consider subscriptions to industry-related magazines or gift workplace office

2. Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscription boxes have recently become all the rage. You can send custom gift boxes straight to their door once a month, filled with everything from golf equipment, to healthy snacks, to handmade artisan items.

If you know a coworker has a certain hobby, they’ll enjoy the surprise of a monthly gift box. You can also find plenty of generic boxes that anyone will enjoy. This extensive list covers every interest you could imagine (hint: some are more appropriate than others.)

3. Natural Gifts

Flowers and plants are a simple, yet smart gift idea. A hearty plant in a nice pot helps warm up an office space. A bouquet of flowers is always a nice surprise to brighten up a coworker’s home or office. There are plenty of ways to send natural gifts, including seeds with planters, at-home growing kits, and custom terrariums.

4. Personalized Anything

You can put initials or names on almost any gift item. Add a special touch to an ipad case, wine bottle opener, ornaments or desk organizers. Think a little about what your team members enjoy and consider creating a personalized gift.

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