Five Crucial Rules you Didn’t Know About Office Parties

The holiday season has begun. An office party is inevitably in your future.

What will you do? Will you go to the office party and be as conservative as possible or will you turn into a party animal?

For all those who are unsure how to handle the upcoming celebration with your coworkers, we’ll share the rules.

Office Party Basics

Before we get to the rules, let’s remember a few basic facts:

  1. The company party is thrown to celebrate achievements made during the year.
  2. A party is designed to be fun. You should enjoy it.

There is no need to obsess over the upcoming party. Sure, you’ll prepare for it, but don’t stress. Keep it simple and remember that a party is about celebration!


Five Office Party Rules to Remember

1) It’s not a party until you arrive

People will notice if you don’t show up to the party. As soon as you know the date, block it off in your calendar and make sure your date knows the details.

2) Walk in with a party attitude

If you get to the party, but mosey in with a scowl on your face, you might as well not be there. To have the best night, you need to bring the positive attitude with you. Before the party, make a mental list of the things you can celebrate. Maybe you’re thankful for a generous boss, hardworking team members, your flexible work schedule or countless other things. This reminder is enough to keep you smiling and excited to celebrate with coworkers.

3) Make friends

The meal and drinks are not the only things to enjoy at a company party. Look around — you have the perfect opportunity to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. Learn about your colleagues. These conversations help you understand coworkers and interact with them better on the job.

4) Leave the work behind

Your dinner conversation will definitely include work-related topics, but it shouldn’t turn into a business meeting. Ask coworkers about their families, travel plans and hobbies. This is the time to leave the work stress behind!

5) Don’t forget where you are

This is a “party,” but you’re still among coworkers. You see these coworkers every day. It’s vital that you know your limits. Know when to stop drinking and when to change the subject. Office parties are not the place for gossip, heated discussions about religion and politics, or drunken comments. You may consider planning an alcohol-free party to reduce the risks. If you are having a bar, follow the rules for talking with coworkers over drinks.


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