Don’t Make These Workplace Drug Testing Errors (Part 1)

Though nobody is perfect, drug testing errors are avoidable.

To ensure that drug testing programs are done properly, people need to watch for a number of mistakes made by other companies.

As nationwide providers of drug and alcohol testing, we have witnessed organizations going about drug testing the wrong way and helped correct their mistakes. Now, you get the benefit of learning from their mistakes without actually making them. Consider this a lesson on what not to do. Don’t put your credibility on the line by doing a shoddy job of testing employees for drugs — read up on what mistakes to avoid below.

Workplace Drug Testing Errors to Learn From, Part 1

Testing for the wrong drugs.

Don’t expect one business’ workplace drug testing program to work for you. The popularity and availability of drugs differ from city to city and state to state. Consider what is commonly abused in your region of the country and test for it.

Choosing the wrong company to test for drugs.Mistake

Partnering with a professional drug testing company like Test Smartly Labs prevents you from breaking local, state, and federal laws. Eliminate your risk by keeping informed about laws and choose the right company to assist you with drug testing. Test Smartly Labs nationwide work with accredited Medical Review Officers (MROs) to eliminate false positives caused by legal prescription drug use. If you try to DIY your workplace drug testing program, you could end up with a host of legal issues.

Using instant screens instead of lab-based drug tests.

Workplace drug testing isn’t always accurate when instant drug tests are administered. False negatives and false positives occur. This causes questionable hiring and firing practices. Excellent talent might be let go for a false negative. Consequentially, substance abusers might pass a screen when drug testing isn’t lab-based.

Protect Your Company – Partner With ARCpoint for Workplace Drug Testing

Partnering with Test Smartly Labs for workplace drug testing can help ensure that that errors like these don’t occur. We can help you find new talent, weed out substance abuse users, and avoid lawsuits.
Learn more about workplace drug testing mistakes we can help you avoid by checking back here next week; or locate your nearest Test Smartly Labs to see how our lab-based or mobile testing options can benefit your business!
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