BP’s Setting the Bar High | Drug Testing

While BP may never be able to totally shed its whole “oil spill in the Gulf” a little while back, at least it’s making some good headway in the area of drug testing employees.

Props to BP on their drug-free employee commitment

It’s critical that industries like BP maintain a very strict no-drugs or alcohol policy. This company, among others who must comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines need to ensure that employees are drug-free. Not only because it creates a more productive workforce, but also for safety reasons. Those in transportation (driving, flying, conducting, drilling, etc) MUST be drug free. And while BP did have that policy in place, they’ve made changes over the years to their drug testing methods and have seen great results.

Hair Testing for BP Employees

An article on a workplace safety website talks about the success of BP through its VECTOR employee drug-testing program. They made the switch from urine testing to hair testing for drugs and over the past 4-5 years, they’ve seen great results. Incidences are down and they’ve had fewer issues with drug-using employees. It appears that their strict reputation for a no-drugs policy and use of an effective drug testing method are doing the trick.

Read the full article about BP’s Success with Drug Testing

Following in BP’s Footsteps

One great feature about BP’s drug-free policy is that they made the changes they needed to be taken seriously. While urine testing is the most popular way to do a drug test, hair testing does provide more accurate, long-term results. And for an industry like BP or anyone else falling under DOT compliance, this is a great example to follow. They got serious about drug-free employees and it shows. Props to BP, we hope they keep it up and set an example for other business of all sizes when it comes to no tolerance of drugs.

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