Do You Know What Your Employees are Doing on 4/20?

4/20 is a date that’s full of historical significance, ranging from the first performance of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to the lunar landing of Apollo 16.

However, talk to any drug user or fan of the Grateful Dead and 4/20 only has one meaning: a day to celebrate marijuana.

With medical and recreational use of marijuana getting legalized in more and more states across America, employers should be more conscious of 4/20 now more than ever. Here’s what you should know about the day.

4/20 History

There’s a fair amount of myths around 4/20 and its original attribution to smoking marijuana, from it being a police code for violators found smoking, to the belief that there are 420 chemicals in marijuana smoke.

However, 4/20 actually started at a Bay Area high school in 1971, where a group of teenagers used the numbers as a code for sneaking out to smoke weed.

Now, marijuana users employ 4/20 as a code for smoking weed. Some individuals use the actual day, April 20th, as a specific date to use marijuana excessively. Others might smoke at 4:20 regularly in recognition of the code.

Signs of Weed Use that Call for Marijuana Testing

As an employer, you must be aware of the signs of marijuana use can constitute reasonable suspicion. These include:

  • Sudden secretiveness or paranoia
  • Decrease in productivity
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Increased appetite
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of coordination
  • Changes in behavior

Marijuana paraphernalia, like pipes or a strong skunk-like smell can also suggest use of the drug.

Marijuana Testing in the Workplace

It’s important to stay apprised of both the trends and the threats that face workplaces today in terms of marijuana use. As laws change, you must be sure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace drug testing.

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can help you develop an effective drug and alcohol testing program, including pre-employment, random, and reasonable suspicion testing for marijuana and other commonly-abused drugs. To get started, find your nearest location.

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