Synthetic Urine and Drug Testing

The search term, “how to cheat on a drug test for weed” is googled over 10,000 times a day.  With the era of legalized marijuana, the use of synthetic urine to try and pass a drug test has increased dramatically.  However, drug testing facilities have improved their procedures and made it more difficult to hide and use fake urine while taking a test.

Urine Collecting Process

When you undergo a urinalysis drug screen, you are directed to a nearby collection site, typically a private bathroom or bathroom stall and no personal items with you.  New DOT regulations now require the donor to raise and lower clothing and make a 360-degree turn in front of the collector to show that they do not possess any device or substance they can use to falsify the test. The donor then produces and deposits the urine specimen into a specially designed secure cup and handed directly to a technician. They may perform initial testing immediately on site or seal the specimen with tamper-resistant tape, typically in your presence, and package it for transport to the lab for testing.

Detecting Synthetic Urine

People will attempt to sneak fake urine into the collection site, resulting in part of the drug testing process of urine samples to be the adulteration check. This test is done to determine whether the specimen being is genuine and not synthetic, diluted, or if it has been tampered with in order to mask drug metabolites. Today’s lab tests measure specific gravity, pH, creatinine levels, and temperature, determining a “positive” or “negative” result and attempts at cheating a drug test are more detectable than ever.

Employers Depend on Accurate Results

Under U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, employees whose sample is determined to be tampered with are automatically reported as “positive” on their drug test and will be immediately removed from their positions by the employer. Non-DOT employees are not subject to the same regulation but may still be removed from their job depending on the employer’s company drug policy.  ARCpoint Labs takes every required step to ensure the individual being tested is unable to tamper with or adulterate the specimen they provide.

To keep your employees on track with your business drug policy and following DOT regulations, schedule a urine test at an ARCpoint Labs near you.

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