More Workplace Drug Testing Errors to Avoid

Drug testing errors provide ammunition in court for disgruntled employees. They also allow substance abusers to slip through the cracks, putting you and your workforce in jeopardy.

Last week, we shared 3 major drug testing mistakes you can’t afford to make, including not testing for the right substances, choosing a DIY drug testing approach, and using instant screens rather than lab-based drug testing.

This week, we are continuing our series of drug testing errors to avoid.

Learn From More Workplace Drug Testing Errors

Only using urine testing.

The preferred method of drug testing for many employers, urine testing has limitations. The detection window is 72 hours making it easy for people to abstain from drug use in order to pass the test. It also takes longer to gather specimens for this type of workplace testing.Urine Sample

Hair testing and fingernail testing both offer longer windows of detection; they can be conducted on a mobile or on-site basis due to the speed of the process and the easy clean-up.

Only testing potential employees.

Pre-employment drug tests are definitely useful in reducing substance use among employees, but only to a certain extent. This is especially true in the case of urine testing. Once an employee is hired, test him or her again under random testing (proven the most effective deterrence) or reasonable suspicion testing. If substance abuse problems emerge, you’ll know about it quickly. It will also squelch any rumors that you don’t test employees for drugs, which can lead many substance abusers to your workplace. Stop that rumor before it starts by consistently requiring drug testing for all employees several times a year.

Only testing full-time employees.

Workplace testing is not only for full-time employees. Part-time, contract, seasonal, and temporary workers need screening, too. So do volunteers and vendors. Many workplaces fail to test everyone stating cost as the issue. Unfortunately, it’s not always the full-time employees abusing substances. It’s the people who work less.

Your workplace drug testing partner.

Prevent drug testing errors by hiring your local Test Smartly Labs to perform testing for you. This is the easiest way to prevent lawsuits as well as potential accidents and absenteeism caused by substance abusers.
To get started with creating an effective workplace drug testing program, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs.
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