‘Tis the Season! Planning a Sober Holiday Party

As we shared on our workplace wellness blog, there are ways to plan a safe, fun holiday office party that involves alcohol.

However, not every workplace may be able to host a holiday party with alcohol. If you are in a safety-sensitive industry or you just don’t think it would be appropriate to have alcohol at your office party, there are plenty of fun alternatives that won’t bore your employees.

Here are some ideas for throwing a sober holiday party everyone can still enjoy!

Sober Holiday Parties for Your Workplace

Ice Skating

One way to make your sober holiday party a sure hit? Find a local ice skating rink and invite your employees out to make figure eights on the ice. A trip to the rink might bring back memories of ice skating or even going to the local roller rink as a kid. Nostalgia and a wintry landscape are always important components of a fun holiday party! For a fun twist, encourage your employees to team up and create their own routine, then compete in an unofficial office Icecapade!

White Elephant GiftsWhite Elephant

White elephant gift exchanges, also known as Yankee Swaps, are a fun way to get in the holiday spirit without the use of alcoholic spirits. Set the parameters (no gifts over $__, or gifts that relate to one theme, or gifts from one store, etc.), then let your employees go wild. Then gather around one Friday afternoon and complete the exchange. If the swaps we’ve experienced in the past are any indication, there will be lots of laughs at the strange and silly gifts that are exchanged!

Day of Service

One booze-free holiday office party everyone can get behind? Invite your employees to a day of service at your community food pantry, homeless shelter, or a favorite local charity. Volunteering as a group encourages community involvement and employee bonding, and you can make a real difference in the lives of those that need it most.

Winter Wonderland Fun

For sober office party fun your employees never saw coming, why not head outside to the snow for some sledding, snowman-building, and old-fashioned snowball fights? If you have some snow cover in your neck of the woods, send out an email inviting employees to come equipped with their snow gear; then head outside the next day to enjoy the winter wonderland! Be sure to provide some sleds, buckets, shovels, and other tools your employees will need to have a blast. And of course, hot cocoa and marshmallows are a must-have after playing in the snow!

Sober Celebrations Thanks to Test Smartly Labs

Want to implement a drug-free workplace program to keep your office sober year-round? Test Smartly Labs is a nationwide provider of drug and alcohol testing with experience in creating and implementing sober workplace policies. Contact your nearest location today to get started!

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