Alternate Champagne Celebrations

Today is indeed the day of LOVE. All around the country, special someones will be showered with cards, chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and even jewelry. It’s the day when lovers stop to make sure that their loved ones know just how much they are cherished. And often this can include a fancy dinner topped off with breaking open a bottle of champagne or wine.

Champagne Alternatives

Anyone on the road of sobriety knows that “one little sip” of an alcoholic beverage is not allowed, even as tempting it can be on a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day. Once that stainless steel ice bucket hits the table, it’s easy to throw caution out the window and pop open the spirits and toast to love.

Whether you’re on the road to sobriety, unable to drink or not a drinker, there are still options for you! While champagne or wine is the typical “go-to” romantic drink, here are some other non-alcoholic alternatives that can be just as lovey-dovey:

A root beer float with two straws is a non-alcoholic romantic drink option. Photo Source.

1. Root Beer Float

Okay, so a root beer float might not fit a candle-lit table, but if you’re in a more relaxed setting, share a root beer float. Ask for two straws and you can share the drink as you gaze into one another’s eyes.

2. Cranberry Spritzers

This fun pink drink is super fruity and alcohol-free. You could even pour it into fun cocktail glasses and toast over a great meal. Spritzers will need cranberry juice, lemon-lime soda, orange juice and pineapple juice. Click here for a cranberry spritzer recipe.

3. Flavored Coffee or Hot Chocolate

There are some great coffee flavors out there if you’re looking for a warm drink to share with your loved one as you cuddle up. A basic hot chocolate recipe can work if you’re not a coffee drinker. But, if you do love a good cup of java, look for a chocolate flavored beans. Often times this can be found in local coffee shops. They’re a great way to add a little “uumph” to a romantic night.

4. Smoothie Night

Another fun drink to share with your significant other is a smoothie. This isn’t only a very healthy option, but it’s also full of flavor. Smoothies are easy to make at home. Tell your loved one you have a surprise and whip up an amazing drink full of fruit, juice and maybe even a little ice cream.

5. Bubbling Grape Juice or Sparkling Cider

We had to mention this last option as an alternative for champagne or wine. You can find bubbling grape juice and sparkling cider in grocery store aisles near the champagne. There are usually several non-alcoholic options sold in liquor stores for those who want something as close to the “real thing” as they can get.

Staying Drug & Alcohol Free

Those are five fun alcohol alternatives to celebrate with this Valentine’s Day. If you’re on the path to sobriety, give one of these a try! You’ll find a huge sense of accomplishment in sticking with your goals to remain drug and alcohol free, even with non-alcoholic drinks to share on a romantic night. You’ll find that when you stick to your resolve and stay alcohol-free, you’ll really have something to celebrate.



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