5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Sober

If you undergo drug testing or alcohol testing at work, then being sober for the New Year may be important. Staying sober becomes even more vital for recovering addicts. Fortunately, there are many ways to have a fun New Year without worrying about a positive result on drug testing or alcohol testing.

1. Pass Drug Testing With a “Narco-thon”

You’ll have an easier time passing your workplace drug testing when you attend a marathon meeting at NA. These events are hosted on every major holiday. Your company’s alcohol testing also won’t be a problem with a similar meeting at AA.

2. Game Night Is an Ace for Passing Alcohol Testing

A night of Cards Against Humanity, Clue or Settlers of Catan may be just what you need to ensure that you’ll pass alcohol testing. Gather some like-minded friends, and have a blast.

3. Get Away From It All

If you’re used to an alcohol-and-drug-fueled binge on New Year’s, then take yourself out of that atmosphere. Rent a mountainside cabin or get a vacation home at the beach. You’ll avoid temptation and be able to pass drug testing or alcohol testing with flying colors.

4. Host a Dance Party

If you feel like dancing but don’t want to be assailed with drug-and-alcohol temptation, then host a dance party at your house. Invite some sober friends who also like to boogie. All you really need for this party to work is an up-tempo playlist and some non-alcoholic drinks. With this option, you’ll have no trouble passing alcohol testing or drug testing.

5. Have a Mocktail Party

If you’re worried about passing drug testing or alcohol testing at work, then a mocktail party could be the answer. There’s serious variety available, and many of them are yummy without containing a drop of alcohol.

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