New CDC Guidelines Regarding Urine Drug Testing When Prescribing Painkillers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued new guidelines that are aimed at curbing the abuse of prescription painkillers. Urine drug testing is being touted as the means to detecting when a patient may be misusing prescription painkillers. Officials say that the abuse of opioids is an epidemic in the U.S.

Officials say that the abuse of opioids is an epidemic in the U.S., and that the new recommendations for urine drug testing can tell doctors whether or not a certain patient is already abusing prescription painkillers, which may enable them to end the cycle or avoid contributing to it.

Urine Drug Testing to Check for Abuse of Prescription Painkillers

The CDC recommends that doctors perform urine drug testing before prescribing any opioid for pain. Testing tells doctors whether or not the patient already has an opioid in their system, though it cannot tell them how much. If a patient has already been prescribed prescription painkillers, then the test should be positive. If it is not, then the doctor knows that the prescription may be being sold to others.

Similarly, if urine drug testing shows a positive result and there is no opioid prescribed, doctors will know that their patient may be doctor shopping, a process by which people visit various doctors in a bid to feed their dependence on prescription painkillers.

More Than Urine Drug Testing May be Required

The CDC study notes that accidental deaths from prescription painkillers and heroin surpassed the number of death from car crashes in 2014, and they suggest that primary care physicians can do more when it comes to turning the tide. Among the new guidelines announced, doctors are recommended to check state-monitored databases of drug prescriptions before recommending prescription painkillers. This, in tandem with urine drug testing, may prevent more people from becoming addicts and ultimately save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.

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