Dangerous Drugs that Could be in Your Home 

Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines may instantly come to mind when you think about drug abuse.

However, prescription drugs are far more commonly abused than illegal drugs. This is a shocking and scary reality, as most people have prescription drugs accessible in their own homes.

Awareness of the abuse of prescription drugs helps people to preserve the well-being and save the lives of loved ones.

Learn more about the commonly-abused drugs that might be in your household.

The Worst Drugs of Abuse Could be Right Under Your Nose

Sedatives Can Be Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Many people use barbiturates to help them deal with sleep issues or anxiety. However, failing to take these prescription drugs as prescribed is extremely dangerous. People who overdose on these medications may have trouble breathing and may suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms.

Morphine and Codeine

Opioids are powerful painkillers when they are used in appropriate doses. Unfortunately, many people become addicted to prescription drugs like morphine and codeine. In large doses, they produce a euphoric effect, but they are also extremely dangerous.


An opioid like morphine, oxycodone is contained in several brand name prescription drugs like Percodan and OxyContin. People who abuse this substance may crush the pills before snorting or injecting them. This tremendously raises the odds of overdosing, and many people are killed every year from abusing oxycodone.

Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen

Commonly known by names like Vicodin and Lortab, this powerful painkiller brings welcome relief to people who suffer from painful conditions. When used outside of a physician’s guidance, these prescription drugs become dangerous, causing extreme drowsiness and respiratory problems.


Doctors have prescribed amphetamines for years to people who suffer from ADHD. When used appropriately, these drugs can have a positive, life-altering effect. When these prescription drugs are abused, it’s relatively easy for the user to become addicted. Large doses cause irregular heartbeat and a body temperature spike.

Be sure to safely store all prescription drugs to ensure that unauthorized people cannot gain access to them, and always follow your doctor’s guidelines for safe use.

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