A Dangerous New Trend: Marijuana Dabbing

Traditional drug use is bad enough for the workplace — but in this day and age, employers have much, much worse to worry about when it comes to employee substance abuse.
Case in point? A new way of smoking marijuana, called “dabbing.” has grown in popularity despite the big danger associated with manufacturing and using the drug.
Learn all about marijuana dabbing and why it should be on your radar.

Per recent research released by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), “dabbing” is a method of converting marijuana into a concentrated version. The production involves butane, a highly-flammable substance, which extracts THC — the psychoactive chemical present in marijuana — from the cannabis plant. Manufacturing the drug this way can cause violent explosions.
MarijuanaDuring production, ground or shredded cannabis is inserted into a pipe made of glass, plastic, or metal. A filter is placed on one end and the butane is forced into the open part of the pipe. While the butane moves through the pipe, the THC is extracted and forced through the filter into some sort of receptable. This receptable is heated so that any remaining butane is burned off.
The resulting butane gas has caused explosions, fires, and even severe burns. Just the smallest spark of butane gas can reslt in an explosion.
The resulting crystallized marijuana substance has a THC concentration of approximately 80%, which is extremely potent — more powerful than regular marijuana, according to Heather Senior of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.
If you are concerned about dabbing marijuana or other drugs growing popular among your workforce, partner with Test Smartly Labs to implement a workplace drug testing program. We can test for common drugs of abuse and new trending substances.


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