2015 Trends & Practices in Employee Background Screening

Organizations are insisting upon employee background screening in growing numbers. That’s why it’s important to keep up with trends in employee background screening. Doing so ensures that your company is protecting itself and finding the best candidates.

As providers of drug and alcohol testing and other workplace services, Test Smartly Labs stays abreast of current trends and best practices in employee background screening.

Here is a look at some employee background screening trends for 2015.

2015 Employee Background Screening Trends

Why Engage in Employee Background Screening?

A recent poll showed that many organizations choose to perform background checks to provide a measure of safety for their customers and their current employees. Some use employee background screening to help them select the optimum candidate for the available position.

Employers Continue to Insist on Self-Disclosure

Close up of pencil on Criminal background check ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Even with several laws that ban the use of a check box where applicants must disclose their criminal history, employers are still finding ways to ask prospective employees to be up front about past legal troubles. In fact, many hiring personnel will automatically reject any candidate who does not openly disclose their background if an arrest or conviction shows up during employee background screening. Still, there are others who are willing to question the applicants about their past and may still offer a position if the explanation is satisfactory.

Human Resources Personnel Continue to Worry About Compliance

The end of 2014 brought a number of lawsuits and negative publicity for organizations that did not comply with the Fair Credit Report Act, or FCRA, in connection with employee background screening. Many of the companies being penalized for FCRA infractions broke apparently obscure portions of the law. Nonetheless, the potential penalties are serious. Perhaps the most important component of FCRA compliance in relation to employee background screening is providing applicants with an adequate notification. Many organizations make the mistake of grouping the consent and authorization with other pre-hire information. FCRA requires that the consent and authorization appear on a separate document that contains no other information.

Make Sure You Follow Best Practices in Employee Background Screening

Now is a great time to review employee background screening procedures to ensure compliance and to protect the organization.

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can assist you in ensuring your drug and alcohol testing program is in line with best practices and legal regulations for employee background screening. To get started, contact your nearest location today!

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