Heavy Drinking May Hurt your Workplace Wellness

So we know the “right answer” is to encourage all employees to stay sober while performing work duties. And we know it’s because of safety, efficiency and productivity.

But did you know that encouraging employees’ sobriety will also improve your employee wellness, too?

Researchers have linked alcohol consumption to more than 60 diseases.  – Web MD

friends-drinking-alcoholHeavy Drinking May Elevate Cancer Risk

Want to know how to rack up insurance bills and premiums? Cancer. And heavy drinking could increase one’s cancer risk. Those who drink alcohol heavily do not only face potential liver compilations, but cancers of many digestive system areas and of the breast, too.

Excessive Alcohol Packs on Fat

Obese and overweight employees often lead to unhealthy employees. Alcohol’s impact on the body can actually make it retain fat. Fat storage in the midsection, thighs and hips is not uncommon with heavy alcohol use. This increase of body fat (and body weight) will put one’s health at risk.

Read more at Women’s Health Magazine.com

Women May be at Higher Risk Than Men

Strangely enough, although heavy alcohol consumption is unhealthy for everyone – the detrimental effects often target women more than men. According to an NIH report on Alcohol’s Effect on the Brain,

Women are more vulnerable than men to many of the medical consequences of alcohol use. For example, alcoholic women develop cirrhosis (5), alcohol–induced damage of the heart muscle (i.e., cardiomyopathy) (6), and nerve damage (i.e., peripheral neuropathy) (7) after fewer years of heavy drinking than do alcoholic men. Studies comparing men and women’s sensitivity to alcohol–induced brain damage, however, have not been as conclusive.

It’s not as though men don’t also face risks like heart problems, nerve damage and organ problems with heavy drinking. But, it looks as though women may experience complications sooner, and to a greater degree.

Helping Employees Get Sober

If your employees struggle with heavy drinking, consider using your EAP benefits and finding them help. Not only will a sober employee bring you the benefits of a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

But it may also bring about improvements when it comes to workplace wellness.

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