Why You Should be Glad for DOT Drug Testing This Holiday Season

Considering that this year’s Cyber Monday shattered previous records, with sales up 8.7% from 2013, chances are, you have probably made an online purchase this holiday season.

While you’re tracking your package online and waiting for its arrival, take a moment to consider how DOT drug testing helps keep the (sometimes icy, snowy) roads safe as your presents make their way across the country to your doorstep.

We’re sharing some reasons why DOT drug testing is beneficial, particularly around the holiday season.

DOT Drug Testing: A Must Around the Holidays

Online Purchases are Increasing the Number of Shipments

As noted above, online purchases are booming this year — and this means the number of packages going out is rising, too.Semi Truck

FedEx is expecting a very busy holiday season, with December 15 projected as their busiest day in company history. They forecast shipping 22.6 million packages on December 15 alone, with the holiday season (Black Friday – Christmas Eve) volume increasing 8.8% from last year. That’s 290 million shipments from one company alone.

Considering that FedEx has had to add 50,000 seasonal positions to meet the new demand — including truck drivers — it’s a good thing DOT drug testing regulations are in place. You can feel confident when you order packages that the drivers transporting your items aren’t abusing substances, as random DOT testing helps ensure drug- and alcohol-free drivers.

Trucking Accident Rates are Alarming

Wondering how serious trucking accidents can be? According to the US Department of Transportation, there are approximately 500,000 trucking accidents every year involving large trailers (over 10,000 lbs), with 5,000 of these causing fatalities. And 98% of trucking accident fatalities are those in passenger vehicles, not the truck drivers. Even when trucking accidents don’t result in death, 100,000 people are injured in them annually.

Alarmingly, it seems the number of fatal trucking accidents is rising, even as the number of fatal passenger vehicle crashes declines: from 2009 to 2012, fatalities caused by trucking accidents were up 18%, while passenger vehicle fatalities is down 1.27%.

Follow DOT Drug Testing Regulations With Test Smartly Labs

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