Why Hair Testing May Soon be Allowed for DOT Drug Tests

Recently introduced, the Drug Free Commercial Truck Driver Act of 2015 (S.806 and H.R. 1467) is a bill that allows the U.S. Department of Transportation to recognize hair testing as an alternative option for drug and alcohol testing. Supported by The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security also known as Trucking Alliance as well as the American Trucking Association, the act aims to improve highway safety as well as keep companies out of hot water where employees are concerned.

Here’s what your company should know about hair testing if you fall under DOT drug testing mandates.

The DOT May Soon Recognize Hair Drug Testing

Legislation protects the reputation of commercial trucking operations and their drivers who rely on urinalysis as the only accepted method of drug and alcohol testing.
Hair drug testing provides many distinct benefits, including:

An extended window of detection.Hair Testing

With a two to three day window of detection, urinalysis isn’t as comprehensive as hair testing. DOT drug tests that use hair testing detect drugs and alcohol in the system anywhere from 60 to 90 days after using them.

No need to duplicate, so lower costs.

Trucking companies save time and money with hair testing. This form of DOT drug testing eliminates the need to pay for two tests. Old methods of testing required companies to duplicate drug tests.

Catches long-term users.

Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-01), who introduced the legislation in the House of Representatives, notes that the bill improves the safety of America’s roads by catching long-term drug users. While truck drivers can abstain from using drugs and alcohol to pass traditional drug tests, with hair drug testing, substance abusers won’t make the cut unless they give up drugs and alcohol for months at a time.

DOT Drug Testing by Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs knows that impaired employees have no place on roadways, handling precious cargo, or serving in safety-sensitive positions. Partner with us for your DOT drug testing needs. In addition to conducting urine drug testing, we can also do hair testing if the DOT approves.
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