Synthetic Drugs are Problematic Worldwide

The United States has seen its share of deaths from synthetic drugs, particularly among youths. Parents from North Dakota to California have lost teens to synthetic drug use, and nationwide, the Drug Enforcement Agency is trying to crack down on synthetic manufacturers and distributors, despite them finding legal loopholes and new chemical formulations to enable continued production and sale.

Synthetic drugs aren’t just a problem for the US, though. Worldwide, manufactured cannabinoids and other synthetic drugs are growing in popularity and presenting real dangers.

Synthetic Drug Problems on a Global Scale

According to a May report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, synthetic drug manufacturers are increasingly producing psychoactive synthetic drugs — and since an “international framework” hasn’t been developed to establish a uniform response, countries are having problems addressing the flooded market.

European Drug Report 2014Test Smartly Labs | Synthetic Drugs are Problematic Worldwide

The European Union Drugs Agency has also released a report on how synthetic drugs are challenging public health officials. While some issues are stable or even show signs of improvements, synthetic drugs — including psychoactives, stimulants, and “medicinal” substances — are posing new dangers and rising in prominence.

Public health officials warn that synthetic drugs are potentially more dangerous than substances consumed in the past due to their concentration and increased strength, as well as the diverse formulations which are harder to detect and track.

Another issue with synthetic drugs? Their packaging. Most synthetic drugs are sold in small, easy-to-smuggle packages with innocent-seeming graphics. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to find those purchasing and even selling synthetics.

Fighting Synthetic Drug Abuse at Home

The spread of synthetic drugs abroad should be a concern to any American, as it points to the continued popularity and proliferance of these dangerous substances at home.

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