Maintaining a Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

When you hire an employee, you can look at their resume, call their references, talk to them one on one, even administer a drug and alcohol test. It’s easy to find out what they’ve done in their professional life and where they would like to see their career go in the future. But what happens once they’re hired and working in the company? How can you be sure that once they become your employee, their habits don’t change? 

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

If your company has not adopted a drug & alcohol policy for employees, it should consider implementing one. The Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, an independent coalition of business organizations, recommends that every US business adopts an employee drug testing policy, designed to fit their particular circumstances and business needs. In addition, state and federal laws may require your company to have specific policies already in place, depending on the nature of your business.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Screening

When it comes to workplace safety, reasonable suspicion drug testing is one of the most valuable aids an employer can use. Reasonable suspicion testing comes into play when a supervisor has reasonable cause to believe that an employee may be impaired on the job as a result of drug or alcohol use.  It is important supervisors are properly trained and the policy implemented properly for the policy to be most effective.

Post Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace safety usually is the number one concern of employers. Because of that, when an accident occurs, companies want to know what caused it to happen. Part of the process of assessing and allocating responsibility for workplace accidents includes determining whether the inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol was a contributing factor.

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