Background Screening Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Background Screening

If you’re an employer, the hiring process probably isn’t one of your favorite phases in the workplace. It can be time-consuming to find talented applicants, vet them, and then train them. When you’re busy and just want to get back to the tasks at hand, it’s tempting to cut corners.

Keep in mind, though, that skimping when it comes to the background screening can be costly down the line. One survey found that 41% of companies had a bad hire that cost them $25,000; 25% reported a bad hire costing $50,000 in the last year. Other impacts of rushed hiring processes include lost productivity, lost time and expenses spent recruiting and training replacements, the negative impact on employee morale, and negative impact on quality of work.

To highlight the importance of doing your background screening right, we are sharing some of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to checking out their prospective employees.

Mistakes in Employee Background Screening

Inconsistent Screening Processes

When you employ background screening to help you vet candidates, it is imperative that you have a consistent process in place. Not only does this eliminate internal confusion and wasted time when it comes to implementing the screening, it also prevents accusations of discriminatory hiring processes.

To make sure your background screening program is enforced uniformly and legally, you need a written policy detailing how the checks are to be implemented, what the screening includes, and further details.

No Education Verification

Liberties can and are taken with resumes, meaning that an applicant with a very promising educational and employment history may not be as equipped for the job as they say they are. For certain jobs that require certain credentials, education verification is a necessary step. Sometimes, companies leave this off of the screening process, choosing instead to only verify employment or call references. Our advice: don’t skip verifying education, too. It’s valuable to know if an applicant is lying about their training.

No Screening for Temps, Vendors, Contractors, or Volunteers

Many organizations regularly conduct background screening on their full-time employees, but not on part-timers, vendors, volunteers, or temporary employees.

Since these individuals pose just as much of a risk to your business as full-timers, it’s essential they are also screened. Theft, workplace injury, lack of productivity, misrepresentation of your business, and more are all issues that can occur when employees that are not adequately screened show their true colors — and all can be caused by temps, volunteers, and vendors.

No Drug Testing Component

Often, employers trust in the results of their basic background screening without conducting the most key component: drug testing!

When drug testing isn’t included in the background check, drug users who don’t have a criminal record may slip through the cracks. Or, you might pass over a potentially valuable team member who has a drug charge on their record but who has been sober for many years. That’s why we recommend conducting drug testing and comparing those results with your background check for the most thorough picture of every applicant.

Your nearest Test Smartly Labs can not only provide pre-employment drug testing services, but also employee background screening, making us a one-stop shop for vetting applicants! To learn more, contact your nearest facility today. 

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