5 Facts About Workplace Drug Testing

Drug testing in the workplace today has become commonplace. More employers are starting to realize how important establishing a workplace drug policy and a drug testing program can be in maintaining the health and safety of every single worker in their business. 

1.  Studies have shown that drug and alcohol use is directly related to 65% of all workplace accidents and about 40% of all injuries in the workplace are also caused by workers who use substances in one form or another.

2.  In the U.S. alone employers will lose an estimated $75-$100 billion years in workers’ compensation costs, loss of productivity, health care costs, related to employee drug use and accidents.

3.  The most common ways of drug testing in the workforce are by collecting urine and saliva.  There are other testing methods that include hair, sweat, and blood.

4.  As an employer, you may reserve the right to refuse to hire or fire a worker who fails a drug test or refuses to take one as long as the drug testing is done strictly in keeping with the state laws. Employers can also choose to help employees who fail drug tests by supporting them with recovery programs and rehabilitation.

5.  Employers with a drug testing program in place typically implement pre-employment testing for job applicants, utilize random or annual drug testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and post-accident testing for their existing workforce.  Enforcing drug testing in the workplace needs to follow the correct procedures because you might violate an employee’s right to privacy in its implementation, which could result in legal issues for your company.

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