National Drug-Free Work Week

A sober workplace enforces policies that discourage and prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol while working. They encourage a drug free work environment by making treatment and recovery services readily available to staff. Those employees found in violation of written policies are able to return to work once it’s been proven that they’ve overcome their drug abuse problems. 

This type of environment encourages employees to be their best at all times. It gives people who would have been otherwise deemed unemployable, a second chance at working. A drug free work environment is emphasized during National Drug-Free Work Week.

Employers are given the opportunity to prevent the problems that come with drug abuse in the workplace through regular drug testing. Employees found in violation of sober workplace policy are then asked to leave work until they’ve got their problem taken care of. As their employer, you have a right to ask them to seek treatment and to request that they pass drug screening before they return to work with your company.

A drug free work program consists of five components. They are a written policy, access to assistance with a drug problem, employee education stating the negative effects of drug abuse, supervisor training, and drug testing. National, state, and local organizations of employers and business execs support drug free work environments with the intent of maintaining a sober workplace.

Legislature and public opinion is on the employer’s side. When there isn’t a sober workplace environment, accidents occur regularly. This puts other employees, vendors, and even customers’ lives in danger.

That’s why a drug free work environment works well. It prevents people from being under the influence while operating heavy machinery or transporting others from one location to the next. A sober workplace environment is also more productive and overall, a happier and healthier place to be.

A drug free work place has its advantages. Employees are absent less and work better together. There are less instances of violence, too.

National Drug Free Work Week is a great time to focus on sobriety, and your performance at work will increase!

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