Celebrate Sobriety with National Substance Abuse Prevention Month & Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon

October’s a big month in the fight against substance abuse. Not only is Red Ribbon Week celebrated at the end of the month, but October as a whole is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.

Here are details on each celebration and how they can fit into your workplace drug and alcohol program.

Preventing Substance Abuse This October

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

In 2011, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation naming October as National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. It’s a time for parents, educational institutions, community leaders, employers, and others to acknowledge how substance abuse prevention can make a real difference in the health of our nation.

From decreased educational achievements to increased safety risks, substance abuse has a real, negative impact on the nation. This month, your workplace should consider how you can implement programming to educate your workers on the dangers of substance abuse. You can also implement a drug and alcohol testing policy to help in preventative efforts.

Red Ribbon Week

Every year in October, the National Family Partnership puts on the Red Ribbon Campaign to spread awareness of the destruction caused by drugs in the United States. Each year, there’s a new theme, and 2015’s is “Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.”

Red Ribbon Week is especially important for parents, as it’s been shown that kids whose parents talk to them regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to turn to substance abuse. Unfortunately, only 25% of teens report having these types of talks. As a parent, consider how a simple conversation with your teen could help keep them away from drugs.

Get Help in Substance Abuse Prevention

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can help employers, school administrators, parents, and others in the fight against substance abuse. We provide accurate, reliable, and confidential drug and alcohol testing for businesses and individuals, as well as assistance with workplace drug and alcohol policies and programs.

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week and National Substance Abuse Prevention Month by partnering with your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!

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