Trends in fleet transportation

In fleet transportation, bigger is better right now.

We ran across a fantastic podcast where Jim Simmons, Regional Sales Manager of Merchants Leasing, talks about trends in fleet transport.

Businesses, schools, cities and more all depend on multi-passenger vehicles such as vans, buses, limos and trailers. In a short podcast, Jim discusses some of the changes and trends in the transportation industry.

Listen now: Current Trends in Fleet Transport.

Trends in transportation

In the podcast, Jim says the transportation industry continues to evolve based on new regulations and requirements. Laws regarding emissions, idle times and clean air have many fleet managers switching out equipment and re-training drivers.

In fleet transportation, bigger is better.” – Jim Simmons

Jim talks about the impact of fuel costs, fuel type, labor costs and new equipment on fleet transport. These days, “bigger is better” as managers look for more efficient ways to transport passengers with fewer drivers, shorter routes and less idle times in order to avoid fines or higher costs.

Fleet driver compliance

According to Jim, keeping drivers updated on regulations regarding emissions and equipment is one of the top challenges fleet managers face.What he didn’t touch on were the regulations regarding the drivers themselves and the DOT requirements for drug and alcohol testing.

On top of fleet vehicles needing to stay “road ready,” the Department of Transportation has a set of regulations a fleet driver must meet to stay “road ready” including but not limited to drug and alcohol screens.

DOT drug testing regulations

Fleet vehicle drivers fall under the Department of Transportation’s guidelines for drug and alcohol testing. After listening to Jim today, I realized how big of a job fleet managers have – that is a large amount of regulations and details to follow!

Fleet management companies often partner with organizations to keep vehicles compliant. Companies like Test Smartly Labs now offer fleets a “one-stop shop” to keep drivers compliant.

Just like the insurance company steps in and ensures all vehicles are covered, Test Smartly Labs makes sure the right testing is performed so that all who employ drivers are covered, too.

Learn more about fleet manager services

if you manage a fleet and want to get DOT drug and alcohol testing off your plate, consider connecting with your nearest Test Smartly Labs. Each location is certified to help you with all DOT drug and alcohol testing services and required protocols.

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