Alcohol Testing for the Department of Transportation

If you’re in the transportation industry, DOT testing and regulations are your best friend. Well, maybe not – but Test Smartly Labs surely can be. That’s because we’ve reviewed all of the requirements and specifications for DOT drug testing and alcohol testing. Each of our locations across the U.S. is an approved collection site for those who fall under DOT testing. We’ve got the right forms, supplies and equipment for DOT urine tests and DOT breathalyzer tests. Basically – we’re the pros and can guide you through this important process.

Finding information on DOT drug and alcohol testing

Test Smartly Labs can perform your DOT alcohol breathalyzer test

If you’re new to overseeing the drug and alcohol testing for a transportation company, you might have the “deer in the headlights” look about you. Reading through regulations can be confusing and understanding what all encompasses “approved” testing isn’t all that easy at first. Here are a few helpful links to get your feet wet in understanding the importance of DOT testing for your transportation company:

DOT’s Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance – Start with the source. You can even see the most viewed information and documents to get an idea of the “need to know” information.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Alcohol & Drug Rules – This page gives an easy-to-read breakdown of how, when and where alcohol testing may be performed when following federal law.

Third-Party DOT Testing Provider

Test Smartly Labs is an approved collection site and collector for DOT testing. We offer DOT testing at our walk-in lab. We can also come on-site or send our mobile team to you. We offer:

  • On-site DOT testing (for drugs & alcohol)
  • DOT consortiums
  • DOT audit prep, training and post-accident testing

Let us help provide your DOT testing services. We team up with employers and take this intimidating, stressful task off your plate and make sure you’re in full compliance when it comes to federal transportation regulations. Find a nearest Test Smartly Labs to you and get started.


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