School bus driver DUI shows importance of school district alcohol testing

Those who work in public education have more than test scores and lunch menus to oversee. Many districts run transportation systems that bus students to and from school – systems that fall under DOT testing regulations.

I can only imagine the organization involved in assigning bus numbers, drawing bus routes and maintaining a large fleet of school buses. Throw in hiring drivers and training them on how to operate a very large vehicle AND tolerate screaming children… that is no easy feat. So throwing in drug and alcohol testing to meet DOT regulations might be a little much.

Alcohol testing forgotten in Long Island?

Who’s driving your children around and are they sober?

Unfortunately, when a bus driver is arrested for a  DUI shortly after dropping off children, it makes national headlines. The vodka bottle found in the bus is a juicy detail. Google tends to pick up stories like this.

The bosses at Three Village School District near Long Island are probably banging their heads against the wall. If implementing drug and alcohol testing wasn’t enough – now they get to do a crisis communication campaign to assure parents their school bus drivers are sober … and this incident will not happen again.

School bus sobriety

It is a no brainer – school bus drivers need to be sober. Drinking on the job is not acceptable anywhere, particularly in transportation. But it is even more important that those driving children receive alcohol testing (and pass with flying colors.)

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