Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing in Your Workplace

Workplace safety is the number one concern of most employers and because of that when an accident occurs, companies want to know what happened. Knowing the details can also help reduce future similar occurrences.

Is it Legal for a Business to Drug Test Post Accident?

The answer is yes because your employer may be held liable for injuries or damage caused as a result of an accident at work and the law allows the employer to drug test you to find out if the accident was a result of your prohibited conduct, thereby protecting the employer from liability.

Why is Post Accident Necessary?

A national study showed that more than 15% of employees drank alcohol before coming to work, used alcohol during the workday, were under the influence of alcohol during the workday or came to work with a hangover at least once in a 12-month period. Part of the process of assessing and allocating responsibility for workplace accidents includes determining whether the inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol was a contributing factor. Immediate post-accident testing is the most clear-cut way to determine the answer that question and find out the answers that are needed to determine the cause of a workplace accident.

Keep Your Post Accident Policy Up To Date

With a post-accident testing policy in place,  make sure your processes are in line with the most up-to-date state and federal laws and administrative rules. Employment laws change with some frequency and making sure your policy is compliant with current legal interpretations is important.

Test Smartly Labs nationwide provides confidential and reliable drug testing for businesses. Test Smartly Labs can also assist setting up a proper Drug-Free Workplace Policy for your business.  Contact your nearest location to learn more about our services.



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