Have a Safe (But Fun!) Office Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and many offices will be hosting celebrations. The festivities frequently include alcohol — hence the nickname Cinco de Drinko — but employers might want to consider sober parties instead.

Here’s why going alcohol-free on May 5th is a good choice for your sober workplace.

Sober Cinco de Mayo at the Office!

Why Sober Parties?

Cinco de Mayo and other holidays are great excuses for coworkers to enjoy each other’s company. It may seem like alcohol helps to promote a party atmosphere, but a Cinco de Mayo celebration with alcohol can end up costing the company a lot of money.

Not only is supplying the booze expensive, but also anything that goes wrong can end up being the financial responsibility of the organization. In other words, any property damage or car accident may be attributed to alcohol consumption during the Cinco de Mayo celebration. This may make the company legally liable for the damages.

Three Ideas for Your Fiesta!

A Fitting MenuSombrero

There are a multitude of ways to make sober parties on Cinco de Mayo a blast. Most people love Mexican food, so that is an excellent place to start. Sober parties that focus on food are usually a hit with guests. Invite attendees to prepare and bring their favorite Mexican dish. Alternatively, look into having the event catered by a popular local restaurant.

Piñata Time!

Another great idea for sober parties on Cinco de Mayo is a piñata. Piñatas and drinking probably shouldn’t go together. However, when you host a gathering that’s alcohol free, anything goes. Fill a festive piñata with gourmet chocolates that everyone will be scrambling for. Also consider mixing in gift certificates for coffee houses or spas.

Mood Music

Upbeat music can make all the difference with any party. A mariachi band is entertaining, and no other style of music says south of the border in quite the same way. Plus, dancing can be a wonderful way to break down barriers and guarantee a good time for everyone.

Staying Sober on Cinco de Mayo & Year-Round

Your organization can have a fantastic Cinco de Mayo sober party that has no shortage of style and a fun, festive atmosphere — just partner with Test Smartly Labs for your drug and alcohol policy and testing program.

Contact your nearest location to discuss your needs and adjust your programming today!

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