All Trick, No Treat: Halloween & Substance Abuse

All Trick, No Treat:

While there are many fun things to celebrate about Halloween, from costumes to candy, there are also many dangerous elements about the holiday.

This includes alcohol and drug abuse. The holiday has long been viewed as an excuse to party, and unfortunately, many people take advantage.

Here are some sobering stats on Halloween substance abuse, and what you should do to prevent it from disrupting your workplace.

Facts on Halloween Drug & Alcohol Use

Drunk Driving

One major liability on Halloween is drunk driving. Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), from 2009-2013, 43% of all traffic deaths occurring on Halloween were caused by accidents involving drunk driving, with males between 18-34 accounting for half of the drunk drivers involved.

Pedestrian Risks

Also per the NHTSA, 26% of pedestrian fatalities involve drunk driving. Since Halloween is a night for increased pedestrian traffic — particularly among kids — drunk driving on this night is even more dangerous. The US Census Bureau estimates that there are 41 million trick-or-treaters every year, and Safe Kids USA says that children are twice as likely to be killed by a car when out on Halloween.

Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol monitoring is an effective way to see if an individual is adhering to their substance abuse treatment plan, particularly if it is legally-mandated. It can also be used to gauge how effective workplace substance abuse programs are.

However, around Halloween, alcohol monitoring violations unfortunately increase in prevalence, with a 75% jump occurring when Halloween comes on a Saturday and a 17% jump on any average Halloween.

Prevent Abuse in Your Workplace

Want to ensure that substance abuse isn’t an issue in your workplace around Halloween or through the entire year? Partner with Test Smartly Labs to develop an effective drug or alcohol testing program. We provide workplace drug and alcohol testing, which includes on-site testing, random testing, pre-employment screenings, and more. Contact us to create and implement a drug and alcohol testing program that needs all your needs.

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