What to Do if You Suspect an Employee of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Have you ever noticed a co-worker that seemed intoxicated? Or inebriated?

If you suspect an employee of drug abuse or alcohol abuse, you have options. First and most important, is the right to choose the safety and welfare of other employees over the violator’s need for a job. If you suspect an employee has violated your drug and alcohol use clause, you have the right to request a drug sample from him or her. If they refuse to comply, you can take the steps necessary to suspend or terminate them for drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Drugs in the workplaceThis is, of course, after they’ve signed documentation acknowledging the fact that your place of employment is drug and alcohol-free and that there is no tolerance for drug abuse or alcohol abuse before, during, and after work. By stating that they agree to your terms and conditions, it holds them accountable for their behavior. That means that once they’ve shown signs of drug abuse or alcohol abuse and test positive for substances, you can take action against them as you see fit.

Drug Abuse in the Form of Opioid Addiction is on the Rise

Opioids tend to be one of the biggest problems plaguing American workplaces at the moment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claim that three out five overdoses reported were due to opioid drug abuse. People with prescription pills left over were likely to give them to a family member or a friend. This addiction is as troubling as severe alcohol abuse.

No Proper Instruction on How to Prevent Drug Abuse of Excess Pills

Over fifty percent of people subscribed an opioid were not given instructions on how to properly dispose of them. That means that anyone with a drug abuse problem could acquire the pills and use them however they saw fit. Some people steal pills from their family or friends.

Others want to buy leftover drugs from them. They take to the streets in search of their next high. This is something that all employers should be aware of and take precautionary measures against hiring such individuals. Alcohol abuse with opioid abuse is even more risky and lethal.

The bottom line is if you notice something, speak up. Your coworker could be in trouble and need help, or even cause harm to others. Although it may be uncomfortable, it’s the right thing to do – and your employer will thank you.

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