Vodka-Soaked Tampons

Now, bear with us for one second and know this post is more PG-13 rated than some. But we thought we needed to chime in on the craze going around about this reported way teens are using … and abusing … alcohol. For a teacher, this impacts your workplace. For an employer – here’s a heads up on what the future generation is getting themselves info. So, here’s our take on what all is going on.

Teens & Sneaking Drugs and Alcohol Into School

Ask any public school teacher these days and you’ll hear some of the same stories. In addition to a growing problem of texting during class and keeping kids attentive, school administration is constantly finding ways to keep drugs and alcohol out of the school. Those old problems of the 1950s haven’t gone away, except instead of kids covering the smoke detectors in the bathroom and finding a way to smoke cigs during school, they’ve amped it up and gotten quite a bit craftier. And one way they’re getting alcohol into school is just about unmentionable.

Teens Sneaking Alcohol Into School

Now you’d think teens would go the more traditional route – sneak a bottle of Jack in their backpack just between their math & science text books. And while some go for the obvious, others have gotten wiser and sneaker over the years. It seemed to begin gaining attention through plastic water bottles. However, administrations like the one in McKenzie School District out of Oregon didn’t skip a beat once they discovered the teens’ tactics. They just placed a ban on water bottles at school.

But plastic water bottles seem to be the least of the problems these days. It’s been reported that teens (ahem, guys AND gals) are inserting vodka-soaked tampons into their bodies in order to get a high. Because the alcohol isn’t consumed orally, it has no barriers like travel time or stomach acid to enter the blood stream. Teens are reportedly getting dangerously drunk, not to mention putting themselves at risk by their choice of … placement.

Nay-Sayers about the Vodka-Soaked Tampons

Apparently the rumors of this method of getting drunk are nothing new, however they resurfaced in mid-2011 and stirred up quite an online frenzy of commentary. KPHO news out of Phoenix kicked it off with reports that teens were using vodka tampons to get drunk. Soon, a flurry of bloggers started linking to articles and board messages dating back as much as 10 years old proving that vodka tampons were nothing new. But even despite the claims of it being a new method, old method or urban method,  some journalist’s were insistent to try it out themselves only to find it burns … and it didn’t work for them.

So, Do Vodka Soaked Tampons Work?

We’re not really here to stay if it works or not – nor if the claims from news stations like KPHO and several others around the country who ran the syndicated story are true or not. But, what we will say is that there’s a way to easily find out if a teen or employee has been doing drugs, or getting drunk off of alcohol – whether they’ve swallowed it or used a vodka-soaked tampon.

Run an alcohol or drug test if you suspect abuse. It will at least show you if they’ve been using the substance. As a parent these days, you might just want to skip the details on how.

Find a Drug & Alcohol Testing Facility Near You.

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