Top 4 Industries That Need Sober Workplace Policies

Sober workplaces are always going to be healthier and more productive. But there are some industries where sober workplace policies are not just helpful–they are absolutely necessary.

Today Test Smartly Labs will take a look at some industries that absolutely cannot compromise on their sober workplace policies.

Which Industries Must Have Sober Workplace Policies?

Sober Workplace Solutions

The Transportation Industry

The federal government requires employees some transportation industries to comply with sober workplace policies because of safety issues. When the lives of many travelers are in the hands of transportation employees, sobriety is not negotiable. This is why the government requires DOT drug testing. This involves randomly testing transportation employees for drug and alcohol use. There are very stringent requirements associated with DOT drug testing, so it makes sense to partner with a lab that is experienced with these policies.

The Medical Profession

Because the safety of patients is at stake, medical professionals should be tested for drugs and alcohol. A sober workplace policy is an excellent way to reduce accidental injury to patients. Further, because prescription drugs are readily available in many medical settings, the risk for abuse is increased. To combat this risk, random drug testing and drug testing associated with suspicious accidental injury could be implemented.

Childcare Workers

Because a small number of workers are in charge of a large number of children’s safety, a sober workplace is a must in the childcare industry. Additionally, childcare workers spend a lot of time with children during their formative years, so it makes good sense to help ensure that these employees are sober. Anyone looking for a childcare provider should ask about drug and alcohol testing for staff members to protect their children.

Education Industry Members

There has been increasing legal pressure for drug testing teachers, with Kansas passing a bill in late February requiring teachers to submit to drug tests if there is reasonable suspicion of drug use. For much the same reason that childcare workers in general ought to be tested for drugs and alcohol, many feel that teachers should, too. A sober workplace policy in schools helps ensure child safety and would create a better learning environment for students. Sober teachers provide better role models for students in developmental phases of life.

Commit to Sober Workplace Policies with Test Smartly Labs

Whatever industry you operate in, it is important to maintain a drug and alcohol free workforce. With the comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services at Test Smartly Labs, you can do just that.

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