The Dangers of Memorial Day Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Known as the unofficial start of summer in the United States, Memorial Day sees its fair share of avoidable accidents, injuries, and deaths due to drug and alcohol abuse. Barbecues, pool parties, and corporate picnics serve alcoholic beverages and far too many people consume more than the legal limit of alcohol at holiday events.

The result is a momentary lapse of judgment that costs people their lives. People say and do things out of character when they abuse drugs and alcohol, and serious injury can occur.

 Dangers of Alcohol Abuse and Drunk Driving

Alcohol isn’t called ‘liquid courage’ for no reason. When a person’s alcohol abuse during a party is so out of control that they become impaired, they should not be allowed to drive themselves or other people home from the event.

Drunk driving related accidents occur more frequently on holidays such as Memorial Day. People feel the extra day off from work gives them a free pass to drink as much as they want without consequence.

Water-Related Fatalities Happen on Memorial Day

That’s never the case and seldom does a Memorial Day pass without drug and alcohol abuse making the headlines. Water-related fatalities become even more of a problem because people who wear life jackets and practice safety while aboard a watercraft. They drive their boats and water skis recklessly, and the men and women who let drug and alcohol abuse dictate the course of their Memorial Day activities, often wind up in the hospital because of the mistakes they’ve made.

Swimming While Impaired Clouds Judgment

Swimming becomes increasing difficult because labored breathing causes the vocal chords to spasm and the sense become depressed with impairs reaction time. People think they can get out potentially life-threatening situations in the water on Memorial Day when they can’t.

That’s because drugs and alcohol abuse can warp a person’s perception of danger levels which is often the reason why they drown after drinking.

Stay Safe This Memorial Day

Test Smartly Labs encourages you to stay drug and alcohol free this Memorial Day! Spend time with friends and family and don’t endanger anyone, including yourself.

Test Smartly Labs nationwide provide drug and alcohol testing for businesses and individuals, including tests for alcohol and common drugs of abuse. For help or more information on our services, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today.

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