Sneaking Alcohol into the Workplace

If someone at your office is struggling with alcohol abuse, they may go to any extreme get a quick fix. If you are suspicious that this may be happening to one of your co-workers or employees there are a few things you can look for to determine if your suspicions on true. Alcoholics can get very clever in how they sneak alcohol into the workplace.

The cell phone flask is one of the many tools alcoholics can use to sneak booze into the workplace.

Alcoholism is a dependence or addiction to alcohol in any form. The longer you use alcohol the more your body grows accustomed to its effects and the harder you have to try to generate a buzz. Getting that next buzz could be as simple as loading your coffee up with some Bailey’s before you leave for work.


Coffee is an “easy in” for most alcoholics. The mixture can be made at home and can be sipped on the entire day (that is, if you like cold coffee). As mentioned, Bailey’s can be used as a creamer, but other hard alcohols tend to be mixed in the morning brew as well.

The only way to know if someone’s coffee is mixed with alcohol is to try and get a big whiff of the smell. While the smell of coffee is pretty strong, the smell of alcohol is usually stronger. Or, you can send them for an alcohol test if you suspect they are drinking on the job.

Water Bottles

Water bottles have the ability to disguise large amounts of alcohol – and especially clear ones like rum and vodka. From a store bought bottled water to a trendy aluminum or glass container, water bottles are great for alcoholics. There are two main types of clear liquids that are used when making alcohol appear to be water.


A big reason most concerts and sporting venues will not allow water bottles past the gates is because too many people sneak in vodka disguised as water. There are now even tutorials on YouTube that show you how to remove a water bottle cap without breaking the seal.

Grain Alcohol

Grain alcohol is extremely dangerous. It is twice as potent as vodka and other hard liquors. Grain Alcohol is used in water bottles for one reason only, to mix with another drink to get drunk quickly. People who have a serious alcohol abuse problem tend to gravitate toward grain alcohol because of the quickness of its effects.

The sniff test is also effective with water bottles, however it is a little harder to sniff someones water without them noticing.

Cell phone flask

There are new inventions being created yearly that help party-goers sneak in alcohol to clubs, concerts and sporting events. The old fashioned flask-in-the-pocket is an old trick. However on the rise are creative flasks. These flasks look identical to things like cell phones, belt buckles and even umbrellas.

Catching someone with a creative flask can be tricky, and to do so, you would really have to know what you are looking for.

If you know someone has an alcohol problem and it spills over to the workplace, the easiest way to find out is to issue alcohol testing for all employees. Alcoholics can be very creative in how they sneak in their booze. Look for the signs listed above and then take the next steps of testing to verify your suspicious. Keep alcohol out of the workplace by knowing how it can get in.

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