Saliva Alcohol Screening

If you suspect your employee may have come to work intoxicated, there’s a simple test to find out. No, not a breathalyzer (although that can work, too.) A more discreet form of testing current alcohol use is actually a saliva swab.

Saliva swabs for recent alcohol use can help save a life.

About Saliva Swabs for Alcohol Use

Saliva swabs are especially popular for employers in transportation who must follow DOT regulations for employees. Safety is a high priority in this situations and you can never risk sending an employee to operate transportation vehicle if they’ve been drinking. Saliva swabs are performed by placing a pad between the lower cheek and gums for about two minutes. It’s an easy test and isn’t easily cheated.

When to Use a Saliva Swab

Alcohol is gone from your breath and saliva in about a day or two after use, so a saliva swab is NOT recommended to detect historical alcohol use. A urine sample or hair test is a better fit for that. However, a saliva swab is handy in a few situations that require immediate testing:

  • DOT – saliva screening
  • You suspect an employee is intoxicated. Test Smartly Labs provides mobile screening and will come to you.
  • Your teen comes in with alcohol on their breath. Get tested right away.
  • At the scene of the crime in accidents

Dangers of Alcohol Misuse

Testing for alcohol is important. A misuse of alcohol not only puts an individual at risk, but it can also put others at risk, too. Employees who’ve been drinking can cause you to lose business and skyrocket your health care costs. DOT industries can face fines and high turnover if strict drug and alcohol policies are not followed. And your teens or other family members abusing alcohol can put you in harm’s way, not to mention ruin relationships along the way.

Drug & Alcohol testing can not only provide the proof you need to get help. It could actually help save a life … and a business … too.



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