Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol Testing for Your Company

There is a big difference between coming into work once hungover and coming in multiple times a week under the influence of alcohol. It can be difficult to pin down an alcoholic employee because they can be very skilled at hiding their disease. There are signs to look for as well as steps for management and fellow employees to take.

Physical Signs

  • Stumbling, unsteady, staggering, swaying, falling down
  • Dizziness, difficulty standing up, feet wide apart while standing
  • Fumbling, jerkiness, nervousness/visibly anxious, not following or spending too long on tasks, diminished coordination
  • Bloodshot, watery, glassy, or droopy eyes
  • Flushed, pale, or sweaty face
  • Alcoholic odor or heavy use of breath spray
  • Slurred, shouting, incoherent, rambling, or mute speech
  • Messy or disheveled clothing, perhaps unclean body smell, excessive sweating

Behavioral Signs

These are a bit more difficult because everyone has different reactions to drinking. Some people get a lot of energy and become overactive, chatty, and may eat a lot (drunk munchies.) Other times, a drunk person will be very sleepy, grumpy, lose their appetite, and become irritable. If you have recently started to notice increasingly drastic changes in an employee’s personal care and behavior, inform your supervisor, manager, or boss.

Have a Clear Drug Testing Policy

If your company has a clear drug testing policy that includes the employer’s right to test any employee randomly or for reasonable suspicion, then you as an employer don’t need to worry about legal action. It can also be cheaper for a business to have a contract for testing with a lab, instead of ordering testing at different times.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

You have the right under your contract to test an employee for reasonable suspicion of alcohol abuse during work hours. This is in place to ensure that not only every worker under your employment is safe but that the alcoholic is safe and can take the first steps to getting help.

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