National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

January 23, 2017 kicks off National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. As such, employers have an opportunity to educate their employees regarding drug facts and drug testing. While discussing alcohol facts and raising awareness of drug testing policies can be done at any time, this is an opportune moment for highlighting these matters. The more employees understand about drug facts, the better able they will be to comply with company policies, which may include routine drug testing.

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

This observance is mainly aimed at teens. It seeks to bring young adults together with scientists to help raise awareness of drug facts and the dangers of abusing substances. However, many employers also are taking advantage of the observance to highlight their drug testing practices and to raise awareness of alcohol facts.

Bringing National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week To Work

Official events during the week bring teens into contact with substance abuse experts who can field important questions. A similar event can be held in the workplace where an expert can be brought in to discuss drug facts, alcohol facts and drug testing so that employees can understand how these things can affect all facets of their lives.

Raising Awareness Among Families

Employees further can be encouraged to share their knowledge at home with children and
teens who may be receiving misinformation about drug facts and alcohol facts from television, music, movies and rumors. Parents may also introduce the concept of drug testing, and how this can be used to detect the use of illicit substances.

It’s crucial for families to understand drug facts so that they can recognize the risks involved with substance abuse. When workers learn alcohol facts at work, they can share these with their children to protect them from choosing a dangerous path.

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