Make Your Workplace Halloween Party Fun For Sober Employees

Halloween is a holiday of revelry for many, from children to adults who are young at heart.

One group of people may feel uncomfortable participating in Halloween festivities in the workplace, however — recovering alcoholics.

For adults, the holiday can quickly turn into a sober person’s nightmare, with temptations all around.Even if you don’t think you have any former alcoholics among your workforce, staff trying to stay sober might not disclose their past drinking habits with you — so it’s best to stay safe this Halloween and follow our tips for a sober-friendly Halloween bash!

Keep Your Halloween Party Safe & Sober-Friendly

Non-Alcoholic BeveragesTest Smartly Labs | Tips for a Sober-Friendly Halloween Party

If your workplace is planning a Halloween party and planning on stocking the bar, keep in mind that sober employees deserve delicious drink options, too.  Be sure to provide some liquor-free libations!

You can keep things simple by furnishing a range of sodas and juices, or kick things up a notch by creating a punch with ice cream, juice concentrates, fruits, and other sober-friendly ingredients. Be sure to clearly label which options are alcoholic, and which are not — and make it known that there are plenty of choices for those who want a little alcohol, so spiking the punch is strictly forbidden!

Ask for Volunteer Sober Monitors

Some recovering alcoholics may feel uncomfortable sharing their situation with their peers. As anyone who doesn’t drink knows, choosing not to imbibe at a party makes you stick out like a sore thumb, and fielding questions about why can be uncomfortable. Some people may just choose to skip the party altogether!

To relieve a little pressure from your sober employees who don’t want to disclose why they aren’t drinking, send out an email asking for volunteers who will remain sober during festivities to help keep the office in order. You’ll not only help provide a cover to those in recovery or the non-drinkers who simply don’t want to answer cries of “Why aren’t you drinking?!”, but you’ll also gain some extra eyes and ears who can help you ensure the safety of all your partygoers.

Make the Party Optional

Depending on where your sober employees are in their path to recovery, they may not be comfortable attending any party where alcohol is served. That’s why your work’s Halloween party should be 100% optional. Make it very clear that anyone who doesn’t wish to attend doesn’t have to. Also be sure that all employees know that alcohol will be served, so they can opt-out if desired.

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