Is Conducting Employee Post Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing Important?

Regardless of the safety precautions that employers take, workplace accidents occur. When they do, it’s important to understand what caused the incident so that it is less likely to happen again. Drug testing and alcohol testing can be immensely helpful for uncovering why an accident took place.

The Importance of Drug Testing

Employers may conduct drug testing after a workplace accident for many reasons. Frequently, drug testing is required by certain government agencies and insurance policies. Drug testing may also be required by the company’s own drug-free workplace policy. Testing for workers who were under the influence may protect the employer and the other workers.

Set Criteria for Alcohol Testing Before an Accident

If the company doesn’t set alcohol testing criteria before it’s needed, then they are setting themselves up for an emergency that they won’t know how to handle. It is critical for companies to establish a protocol for alcohol testing that is fair and impartial. For instance, alcohol testing may be required after any incidents in which an injury or fatality occurs. Significant property damage could also trigger alcohol testing.

Timing Is Important

As part of the criteria for drug testing, employers should set a timeline. Some drugs and other substances will remain in the bloodstream for days or weeks, but others can disappear within hours. A 12-hour limit for testing after an accident is a good rule of thumb.

Make a Written Policy

Don’t leave alcohol testing or drug testing after an accident up to chance. Have a written policy, and educate all employees about it. Provide regular reminders about the testing requirements if a workplace accident should occur. This may help to deter workers from using on the job. It will also help employees and supervisors know what to do in the event of an accident.

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