Is Alcohol Addiction in Your DNA?

When it comes to alcohol addiction, DNA might play a larger role than was known before. A new report suggests that the alcohol addiction DNA connection is real. This understanding may make it possible for researchers to devise new treatments and even screen for a genetic propensity toward alcoholism.

The Alcohol Addiction DNA Connection

For generations, people have wondered whether or not there was a genetic component to alcoholism. It seems that the disease sometimes runs in families, with some relatives apparently being more susceptible than others. This study appears to validate the suspected alcohol addiction DNA connection.

An Addiction Study

Researchers at Texas University studied the brain tissue of alcoholics and others that did not have a drinking problem. In the course of their experiments, they discovered certain genes that they believe are at the root of alcohol addiction. These specific genes were only found in the brain tissue of the alcoholics and not in the other test subjects.

Groundbreaking Science

Bioinformatics, a revolutionary DNA sequencing technique, made it possible to isolate the specific genes that appear to predict alcohol addiction. The researchers hope that their findings will demystify addiction, which may make it easier to treat. Now that the alcohol addiction DNA connection has been identified, a cure may become a more viable possibility.

Saving Lives

With the alcohol addiction DNA connection being accepted as scientific fact, more people should be able to be successfully treated for the disease. This is critical, because people who are alcoholics are prone to certain cancers. Additionally, extended alcohol abuse can cause damage to the body’s major organs.

Scientists now have an opportunity to build on these findings. The results could be nothing short of miraculous. Doctors could screen patients for their susceptibility to alcoholism and help them avoid the addiction cycle.

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