Impact of Alcohol on the Workplace — and Why You Need Pre-Employment Screening

Alcohol use and abuse in the workplace has negative consequences not only for the person engaging in risky behavior but for the people around him or her, too.

That’s why a pre-employment screening is necessary for all types of industries. With safety at the top of the list of priorities, more companies are on board with drug screening and testing potential employees before offering a job to them.

Here’s why your workplace should consider conducting pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

Why Pre-Employment Alcohol Screening?

Affects on the Workplace

When an employee’s alcohol use affects the level of work he or she does, it’s not just the company or the individual that’s affected. The behavior negatively impacts other employees by increasing their workload. It also puts their safety at risk.

Alcohol abuse also leads to decreased productivity, higher rates of absenteeism, and poorer concentration skills. When employees abuse alcohol, there may be more instances of accidents and injuries and higher rates of combativeness.

Who is More Likely to Abuse Alcohol?

Employees that are most likely to cave to alcohol use on the job include men between the ages of 14-29 who work alone and are subjected to long hours. Men of this age who have had interpersonal problems at work, including bullying and workplace harassment, are also more likely to turn to alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism.

Pre-Employment Alcohol Screening

A pre-employment screening alerts you to potential problems with alcohol use that a potential employee has, allowing you to hire someone else in their place because they did not meet your standards as an ideal employee. This testing can potentially save your organization time and money and protect employees, customers, and even products from negligence and violence.

A pre-employment screening may not prevent alcohol use later on but it prevents employers from hiring people with alcohol problems in the first place. As long as it is clear in employee communications that this type of behavior isn’t permitted, alcohol testing is permissible and regularly used in employment settings.

If an employee makes their alcohol use know by either talking about it to other employees or exhibiting behavior that makes their employer suspicious, they may be asked to take a drug test to prove that they aren’t a liability even after they passed a pre-employment screening.

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