How You Can Stay Sober On Vacation

We are officially in the height of summer, and many people are leaving work for summer vacations. For anyone who has struggled with staying sober, summer vacations can bring with them the challenge of refusing alcohol or drugs.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can enjoy your vacation while staying sober.

Tips For Staying Sober On Vacation

Staying Sober on Vacation

Just because you are in recovery does not mean that you need to forgo the restorative benefits of a vacation. In fact, vacations are a great way to reduce stress and learn more about yourself, which can actually enhance your recovery efforts. But you should go into your vacation prepared with strategies to avoid drinking.

Travel With Someone Who Supports Your Recovery.

You set yourself up for success when you spend your vacation with someone who is aware of your sobriety efforts and is supportive of them. It’s much easier to stay sober on vacation when you’re travelling with someone who isn’t drinking either. This person could be a friend or family member who can help you stay accountable for your actions while you enjoy your vacation time.

Stay Busy.

Plan lots of sober activities. Too much unscheduled time could be a threat to your sobriety efforts. But if you fill your vacation days with hiking, swimming, and horseback riding, you won’t have much time to even think about drinking.

Don’t Tempt Yourself.

Try to avoid situations and places that are alcohol-centered. Visiting a casino or night club might seem like  fun vacation activities, but the likelihood of the presence of alcohol is too great to risk. Before you decide on any activity, it is your responsibility to investigate whether there will be alcohol present and assess the risk of relapse that you might incur by participating in the activity.

Take Advantage of Wellness Enhancing Opportunities.

A sober vacation is the perfect time to improve your health. With more free time, you’ll be able to exercise, eat healthy food, and get plenty of sleep. Vacations are also a good time to do things to enhance your spiritual health. Take a walk on the beach at night or hike through a forest to reconnect yourself with nature and your spiritual side. This can actually strengthen your recovery efforts to help you stay sober.

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