How to Stop Alcohol from Entering the Building

There are 2.5 million deaths each year attributed to alcohol. This number is even higher than deaths caused by HIV/Aids. The abuse of alcohol must be stopped. And while we can’t go into individual homes, if you are business owner, you can make sure it doesn’t enter the workplace.

Stopping alcohol usage before it enters the workplace could save lives.


Create Clear Rules

Unless you have your alcohol policy clearly posted somewhere in your building, your employees may be susceptible to forgetting that it exists or sneaking past the “unspoken” or not-posted rules. Even having their signature on a copy of the rules on file won’t stop them from giving into temptation.

Posting your alcohol and drug policies in a place like the break room is ideal and recommended. Having a visual of the policy is a great reminder and deterrent from going forward on an impulse. The more your employee is aware or the rules and consequences of breaking the rules, the more apt they are to decline an offer to booze at work.

Alcohol Testing

One of the best ways to make your employees take you seriously on your alcohol policy is to perform random alcohol testing. With a plethora of different ways to test from saliva screening to hair follicle testing, you will be able to know first hand who is using and abusing alcohol at your workplace.

Lead by Example with Alcohol in the Workplace

Of course if you enter the work place with a bottle of champagne in your hand or pop open a cold beer in the middle of the work day, your employees will see that as acceptable. Remember that as the boss, you set the standard for what happens at work.

Having an alcohol-free party, especially around the holidays, is vital to encouraging your employees to also stay clean. Just one drink for a recovering alcoholic can turn their road to recovery into a disaster zone. That is why alcohol-free office parties and gatherings are vital to keeping alcohol out of the work place on a daily basis.

However you plan to combat alcohol from entering the work place, know that your fight is never ending. The number of alcohol-related casualties is increasing every day. As a business owner it is your job to fight the problem first hand in your own workplace.

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