How to Stay Sober on Labor Day Weekend

Sober Workplace

As part of an employee fitness program, many participants will strive to curb their use of alcohol. However, it can be difficult to maintain these resolutions on holidays like the upcoming Labor Day weekend. If you know that workers are striving to cut down on alcohol use as part of an employee fitness endeavor, you might suggest these tips to keep them on target over the holiday.

Designate a Sober Buddy

When it comes to giving up alcohol as part of an employee fitness program, it pays to enlist some support. Encourage workers to get a friend or family member to commit to being sober with them over the holiday. Resisting temptation is so much easier when support is immediately available.

Bring Your Own Beverage

One great way to minimize alcohol use is through bringing a favorite non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy. Whether it’s soda, fruit juice, sparkling water, punch or something else, these fun and delicious alternatives can keep the motivation toward an employee fitness goal running high.

Let Hosts Know

Before attending a gathering, contact the hosts and let them know that you don’t plan to drink. Most people will be happy to offer non-alcoholic alternatives. They may also help people to resist temptation at a difficult moment.

Seek Alternatives for Better Employee Fitness

Workers who are serious about cutting out or cutting down on alcohol use may need to re-think their holiday weekend plans. Maybe a visit with a hard-drinking friend isn’t the best idea. Alternatives like playing a round of golf, swimming at the beach or taking part in a baseball game are all bound to increase employee fitness while also distracting participants from alcohol use.

If your employee fitness efforts include resolutions to eliminate or restrict alcohol, then you may achieve success through following these tips.

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