Fueling Your Creativity Without Substance Use

It seems that people in certain professions are more drawn to substance use than others, and those in more creative spheres — the arts, entertainment, media, writing, and the like — are among those that use drugs and alcohol most.

Many of these types say that their creativity is often related to their substance abuse: for example, that cracking open a beer helps a brainstorming session prove more fruitful, or a glass of wine makes writing a blog easier.

But research hasn’t supported the notion that addiction and creativity are inextricably linked, meaning that substance abuse isn’t a necessity for creatives. In fact, the more you buy in to the theory that drugs or alcohol = creativity, the more you create your own dependency and alter your brain function, which will inhibit your creative process due to memory loss and slowed thinking processes.

If you have a contingent of employees who use substances to fuel the creative process, here are a few tips for boosting creativity without drugs or alcohol.

Substance-Free Creativity Boosters

MeditationCreative Process

Sometimes, a cluttered mind can stifle creativity. Engaging in some yoga or meditation can help you clear your thoughts and generate great ideas. And keep in mind, stress is a creativity killer, so anything that lowers your levels will help!


There are a number of foods that are known to boost creativity, including many that can be worked into a morning smoothie or a mid-afternoon snack. Dark chocolate, nuts, oatmeal, and kale are just a few of the superfoods that can help you flex your mind muscles.

Change of Scenery

Stuck in a creative rut? Get up and go somewhere. For your next brainstorming session, ditch the boardroom and do some laps at the local park. Or visit the coffee shop around the corner. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes, to think outside the box, you need to break free of the cubicle.

Flexible Hours

Speaking of breaking free of the cubicle, creativity knows no bounds — including time constraints. Your creatives may be more productive at night or at weird hours. You could consider being more flexible with their schedules so that they can take breaks when they hit a wall, but then at 3 AM when inspiration strikes, start at it again.

Stop Drug & Alcohol Use in the Workplace

Do you need help culling substance use in your workplace? ARCpoint Labs nationwide are experienced in creating and implementing drug-free workplace policies that include drug and alcohol testing. To begin your program today, find your nearest location!

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