Five Tips for Handling the Holidays as a Recovering Alcoholic

While overcoming a substance abuse problem is never easy, for many recovering alcoholics, the holidays are the most difficult time of all. After all, your friends and family may not understand why alcoholics can’t enjoy just a little without falling back into alcoholism.

Do not let the holidays ruin all your progress. Here are five great tips for surviving the holidays as a recovering alcoholic.

Tips for a Recovering Alcoholic to Survive Thanksgiving

1. Find Support

Firstly, don’t try to overcome alcoholism alone. Find support from friends and family you trust and go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to meet with other recovering alcoholics regularly. Your friends and family will help you as you recover from alcoholism.

2. Avoid Temptations

If old friends invite you out for drinks or to a party where you know a lot of alcohol will be served and you aren’t sure you can handle the temptation to avoid alcoholism, it’s okay to say no. Make other holiday plans.

3. Have an Answer Ready Five Tips for Handling the Holidays as a Recovering Alcoholic

If you aren’t ready to tell everyone that you are a recovering alcoholic (and there is no reason everyone needs to know), having an answer for why you aren’t drinking can be very helpful. You could say “I’ve had enough,” “I’m the designated driver,” “It hasn’t been agreeing with me lately” or “I have to be up early in the morning.” After all, these are probably all true!

4. Find Ways to Reduce Your Stress

Before the holiday season even begins, find ways to reduce your stress and reduce the chances you’ll fall back into alcoholism. This can be avoiding other alcoholics, saying no to pushy family members, not overextending yourself financially, taking a walk, talking to a friend or praying.

5. Take Care of Your Health

No one is at their best when they aren’t taking care of their health, alcoholics included. No matter how busy you get, find ways to keep yourself healthy. This includes exercising, eating right, getting fresh air and meeting up with friends on occasion.

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